Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well, I spoke too soon about getting back on a schedule. Right after that Jared had his appendix out, Jacob is on 2 baseball teams, and Jared wants to do karate. So, menu planning is now more important than ever. We'll see if I can keep up with it!

Monday-salmon, fried rice, sweet potatoes, salad

Tuesday-sandwiches, Daddy's working

Wednesday-sloppy joe's, chips

Thursday-eating out after Jacob's first game to celebrate getting on the team.

Friday-not sure

Saturday-chicken parmesan, pasta, green beans

Sunday-going to try something new in the crock pot.

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1 comment:

Chelle' said...

Michele- i think you are amazing. i can't get dinner on the table before 7pm and i am a homeschooling mom. 9 seems that my shift button isn't working today.0

anywho.... i need to find some recipes that are quick and easy to prepare with minimal ingredients.

have a great week friend.