Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jacob's Mission Statement

The other day Jacob (6th grade) had an assignment to write a mission statement in school for a grade. Here is what he wrote (exactly):

My plan is to do good in school and be a Godly person, and listen to God and hopefully get a scholorship to the University of Georgia. And not hang around bad people who tell you to do the wrong thing and tell those bad people about Jesus. And then for my job a Godly football coach or sports announcer and tell people at work about God. And raise a good family.

I think that sounds like a plan to me! Good job Jacob.


Chelle' said...

SOOOOOO CUTE. I bet you're proud? You sure should be as we all know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :0)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

What a sweet heart! I know he will accomplish his mission in life with the guidance and love of his family and his Father God!! I see him living this already.. lol.