Monday, August 27, 2007

Fist Day of Preschool

Finally, Tuesday Jenna got to start "school". Since her big brothers have already started she has been ready for some time. She is in 3 day, 4 year olds. I was just not ready to send her more than 3 days (my baby, you know). I love our preschool. Especially since my office is just a few steps away from her class!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thankful Thursday (well, Friday)

D I S N E Y W O R L D!!!!!!!!!!

I'm late posting this week and may not have much time next week because we are leaving Friday for Disney World. I'm so excited becasue this will be Jenna's (4) first Cinderella experince. I don't know who is more excited her or me! We have all our dinners booked and the plan of where we will be each day.

I'm most thankful that my Mom will be going with us. I don't think she has ever been on vacation with us before.

I will have so much to write about when we get back!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pray For Our Troops

Baghdad, IRQ

Clear, 109°

· Tuesday

121° / 95°

· Wednesday

120° / 90°

· Thursday

115° / 88°

· Friday, Saturday, Sunday

114° / 87°

According to the weather reports, it is my understanding that it is 115 degrees in Iraq right now - and the low will be 90! Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance, safety and strength they need to prevail.

My Dad sent me this e-mail and I thought about how hot I thought it was at the Braves game and what was I doing? Just sitting there enjoying a game that I'm sure those solidies would love to be at. I know they are exactly where they feel they need to be becasue the military is their calling but it has got to be miserable over there. How we foget so easily all they do for us.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob

We took Jacob last night to the Braves game for his 12th birthday. It was hot, hot, hot. We tried to overlook it and have a good time. We did, for the most part. Sure wish the Braves won but it was a bad night for them.

Anyway, we had a good time hanging out and eating a bunch of good baseball game food!

Funny thing about these t-shirts. Bought these at the CNN center when I was at Women of Faith. Thought I was going to win the "cool Mom" award when I handed them to the boys. Jared's face looked so funny. He said, "Mom, that's Andru Jones (#25)." I thought he was being ungrateful! Dad and Jacob didn't know what to say. I said: "Well, don't you like Andru Jones?" Ha. Many thanks to the Clubhouse store at Turner Field for exchanging the shirt for me and making my 9 year old very happy to have CHIPPER Jones (#10) t-shirt in time for the game. In my defense, they say it happens all the time! Do I still get the "cool Mom" award for calling all over the place to get this worked out?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am so thankful for my first born son, Jacob. August 10th was is 12th birthday and we are celebrating tonight at the Braves game (100 degrees here, yuck!).
I will have more to say about that later!

You came into this world smiling and have never stopped.
You only have one speed-running.
You love sports!
You are thoughtful.
You always notice when Mommy gets her hair cut.
You are concerned about doing what is right and always aim to please.
You are growing up to be so mature and I see you growing in the Lord so much here lately.
You love to annoy your brother but I'll overlook that!
You love your baby sister even though she annoys YOU. I know, her first word was "bubba". It really was.

I love you Jacob!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So Precious

The Commissioning

My Dear Sister,
The Maker of Heaven and Earth
Has His hand on you.
Don't trade what He has for you
For the comforts of this world.
Let the love of Christ compel you
And infuse you with courage.
God, even God, who created the heavens
Is the One who comforts you.
Whatever you do,
Don't refuse it!
His grace will guard you from bitterness
And Christ will turn your pain
Into Holy Passion.
Pour your life lavishly into others.
Humble yourself and share your hardships
That others may also share your comfort.
Live till you die!
Then live like there's no tomorrow!
For the King enthroned in Heaven
Is worthy of your all.
Now, go, Girl!
For the Father of Mercies
And the God of all comfort
Goes with you.
Bless be God
And bless be you!

This was the commissioning that Beth Moore did at the end of preconference on Friday. We had to repeat it to the person beside us. It was so powerful. Hope it speaks to you today!

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Tomorrow is my friend Cheryl's birthday (won't say which one!)We have been friends for at least 16 years. We met at Rehoboth Baptist and met our husbands there. Cheryl lives in Stone Mountain and even though we don't get to see each other near enough or even get to talk a lot, we can always pick up where we left off. Every year we really enjoy going to the Yellow Daisy Festival together. I decided the best way to pay tribute to my dear friend is to blog about it! Love you Cheryl!


Wow! I just don't know how to put into words what a great weekend I had. The Women of Faith conference was amazing. Friday I got to sit under 6 hours of teaching by Beth Moore! She spoke on taking your name off of the roll of the Cult of Comfort. It was so powerful. One of the most difficult things was a commissioning she did at the end of her talk. You had to turn to the person beside her, look straight at them and repeat after her. It took all of us our of our comfort zone but was so worth it (thanks, Jodi). My friend Jessica did such a great job telling about the weekend on her blog. Check it out:

Right now, I am still trying to process it all and will probably write more later. My mind is still so full of great stuff. Thanks Jodi for a great time and I enjoyed every minute with your family and friends.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow morning I am headed to Women of Faith. I have never seen Beth Moore and I am so excited! After my the last few weeks of getting kids ready for school and working a lot of hours I am ready to just chill and hear what the Lord has for me. Since I never actually make it into our church service this is a real treat for me.

1. Thank you Lord that I live so close to Atlanta!
2. Thank you for a wonderful husband who will take care of everything while I am gone including ball practice and a fishing tournament with the boys on Saturday morning.
3. Thank you Jacob for understanding why I will be gone on your 12th birthday. We'll celebrate next week with several activities.
4. Looking forward to lots of fun with my friend Jodi and her family!
5. Spending the night in a hotel with other girls is always fun!
6. Can't wait to hear Beth Moore and all the other speakers.
7. Thank you to NaNa who, I'm sure, will help while I'm gone.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Can It Be?

I took my first child to middle school today. I really can't believe it. I had a total breakdown on Friday going to open house. I looked over at Jacob sitting there with his MP3 player, baseball cap, and young adult face and just started crying. I had a flash back to when he was a baby: sitting in his carrier next to me with those big blue eyes! He thought I was crazy but one day he will understand. Jacob, you are growing up to be such a fine young man. I pray you will be a man who loves God and has a deep personal relationship with Him. I don't know what the next few years hold but I know it will be an adventure! I love you.

Weight A Minute!

OK, so I started this blog to help keep me accountable for my weight loss. Then I realized that blogging about my day-to-day life was so much better so I changed the name with the intention of still blogging about weight loss. Now that I have 2 children back in school I hope to do better at blogging! Since my last post I was holding on at 140 (my lowest weight in 9 years). Well, how a month changes things. I'm up 3 pounds due to a few days away with my hubbie, and relying on sweet tea and coke (since I am trying to get off the artificial stuff) to get me through the last few weeks. So, I'm back on the 3 W's. Weight Watchers, water, and walking! My goal is a total of 8 more pounds-that includes the 3 I gained! This process is much slower than I had hoped but at least I am making better choices and maybe the weight will stay off.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Didn't think I would have much time to write this week but I just wanted to post on today becasue there is so much to be thankful for! I started Thankful Thursday last week just to keep my mind focused on the good things. I did not know that Sting My Heart ( already had one! Now I get to read all kinds of other "thank you's".

Since as song as I can remember school has always been an issue in our family. What do you do? Private? Public? Home school? Well, we have done it all. 3 years ago we decided to move the boys to public school becasue we knew in middle school we would want to go private again. Well, this year my oldest is entering middle school. I am SO THANKFUL FOR;

1. God's provision for a great Christian School for Jacob (even if it is 20 miles from our house).

2. A bus that has been added that will pick Jacob up at our local Wal-Mart (maybe 8 - 10 miles)only in the morning but that's ok!

3. A great public school 1 mile from our house for Jared to attend.

4. Jared loves to ride the bus and we have a great bus driver!

5. A fantastic Preschool for Jenna to attend at our church.

6. After I drop Jenna off I take about 10 steps to my office where I work at the church.

7. A husband who is a fireman and is off sometimes during the week to help.

8. A mother-in-law who lives next door and helps me more than I can ever thank her for.

9. For friends and family who have been praying for us during this time.

10. For my awesome God who always provides for us and I know will continue!

Jeremiah 29:11 - 13