Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Did It

I was playing around and added an image to my post. The sunset is a symbol that tomorrow is another day!

Ate Weigh Too Much!

I hope others of you feel you are always "starting over". The great thing about WW is that you can jump right back on it. I am not using that as an excuse-it really helps me to know that I can eat healthy and lose weight. And that I can eat-PERIOD! I don't have to stay on some fad diet that deprives you of everything.

As hard as I tried last week the scales showed I was up 2 pounds today. I have been walking alot but still struggle with water. The food last week was just too good and I enjoyed every minute. So, I'm back on target and trying to really buckle down the rest of July. I REALLY want to lose at least 7 more pounds by end of August. I have some jeans I am dying to purchase for fall!

So this Weight-ing game continues. Sure helps to know I'm in it with a lot of other ladies!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

12 Favorite Things

My friend Jodi listed her 12 favorite things about summer and since I just got back from my aunt's in South Carolina I thought I would blog my 12 favorite things about Aunt Jonnie's. They have never had any chidren and I spent many summers there as a child.
-Visiting and talking with my aunt.
-Inground pool!
-Lots of snacks and "fun" food.
-Frig full of drinks! (my kids love this)
-My favorite boutique-Little Darlins-they have great sales
-Homemade breakfast
-Homemade lunch
-Homemade supper
-Sleeping until 7:30-Wow!
-Morning walks with David (just us)
-Every magazine you can imagine (well, the clean ones-ha)
-Time to read the magazines!

Bad thing about Aunt Jonnie's-
Gaining weight-ha

Have a great summer everyone!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Holding On

I realized I don't think I have ever shared what I weigh on my blog. Right now I am holding on at 140. Can't wait to reach 139! I was 129 when I got married, 129 after my first child within 8 months, 139 after my second child, and 149 at my highest weight after my third child. See a pattern here? I am 5'4" and would love to get to 135. I've lost 2 pounds since the challenge and I am actually happy about that with all the celebrating going on at my house. I actually started WW on March 9th.

Now the problem is that tomorrow I leave for my aunts in South Carolina. Great food, bread at every meal, frig stocked with all kinds of good carbonated drinks, and snacks everywhere! My memories of her house are mostly of food! I am praying for self control for sure!

Have a great week everyone. Hopefully I won't be reporting back with a weight gain but I guess the pool and a vacation is worth it.

"Need Some New Ones"

While trying on a bathing suit yesterday my daughter (only 4) says to me: "Mommy, your boobies are hanging down. You need some new ones." At that point I was only hoping there was no one beside me and at the same time I busted out laughing. I said, "Yes honey I do but they are too expensive!". I'm still laughing and wondering what 4 year old can come up with that? Apparantly, mine!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weight-ing to Weigh In

Since last Friday we have had a busy week with VBS, another birthday party, and Father's Day. VBS was full of snacks and good food! I am going to weight to weigh in until Friday. I'm back on WW tomorrow, walking, and more water. I drank a little last week but not near enough and only walked 2 days. I was constantly on the go for 4 hours evey day last week with 100 Preschoolers under my leadership! I can't seem to keep up with it as in years past or recover from it! Ha Don't think I'll meet my 4 pound goal by Friday but maybe I'll reach 2 pounds.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is David's 40th birthday. Happy birthday sweetie! I read a quote today by Ruth Graham who died today at 87 that said: "I'd rather have a little of Billy than a lot of any other man." I thought that was so sweet of her to say. She held down the fort with 5 children while Billy Graham traveled preaching the gospel. What a love they had. I can say that I feel the same about David. It does seem we only get a little these days. I'm so excited for our day together tomorrow.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to such a wonderful husband and father. I love you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Dear Jared

My second son, Jared, turned 9 today. I watched him today give $10.00 to VBS offering, act like he really liked his new Bible and Georgia t-shirt (clothes-yuck!). I think he really did like them. He also offered to buy his sister some candy, and the shock of all shocks-bought his brother his favorite drink at Wal-Mart. He did this all on his own. I was so proud of him and have been thinking about his future. What will he become and who will he marry? Right now I just want to enjoy how he will still snuggle with me and wants to sit by me when we watch a movie. He still uses his special "blanket" at night even though Dad wants to get rid of it! He's so sweet and I know he has a wonderful future ahead of him. I love you Jared!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Can't Weight To Post Today

I about fell over when I decided to weigh Thursday. I had lost 2 pounds and I'm down to my lowest weight ever in 9 years! I rewarded myself with a Chick-Fil-A brownie-ooops. They are the best, well, the milk shakes are the best. I guess the exercise worked and I have really been working on my eating. No exercise this week but I have been running my **** off getting ready for Vacation Bible School. This is always a very hectic week for me plus I have had one birthday party already and my husbands 40th party tonight (just small with family but it's still work!). I can't weight to get back to exercise next week and see what happens before June 24th!

Since I always blog about weight I also wanted to write about something else for a few minutes. A few weeks ago I started reading Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. A few of us girls get together on Wednesday night to discuss it and I have really enjoyed it so far. It is a powerful book and I really recommend it. What a reminder that is not about me-it is all about HIM. I'm so thankful for all HE has done for me!

Monday, June 4, 2007

No Weigh In

I decided not to weigh in today becasue I don't want to get discouraged. :) Although I did walk 30 - 45 minutes 5 days last week I know the scales have not moved because I still have slipped on my eating. I thought it would be easier with summer here but it hasn't. I also learned that when you lose 5 pounds you have to decrease your points. Did not know that! Today I lowered my points by two and started writing down my food again. I have been off and on with this for a while. I would still love to lose 4 more pounds before June 24. Guess I will still be weight-ing to drop a few more pounds! I'm so happy with all my changes still and am eating healthier than ever (and so is my family).