Monday, June 4, 2007

No Weigh In

I decided not to weigh in today becasue I don't want to get discouraged. :) Although I did walk 30 - 45 minutes 5 days last week I know the scales have not moved because I still have slipped on my eating. I thought it would be easier with summer here but it hasn't. I also learned that when you lose 5 pounds you have to decrease your points. Did not know that! Today I lowered my points by two and started writing down my food again. I have been off and on with this for a while. I would still love to lose 4 more pounds before June 24. Guess I will still be weight-ing to drop a few more pounds! I'm so happy with all my changes still and am eating healthier than ever (and so is my family).


Jay & Michelle said...

Hi Michele,

I'm a friend of Jodi's and she directed me to your weight lose site :) I wanted to chime in on the points. My mom has been on WW for about 3 years and has lost about 75 pounds and has maintained the lose about a year and 1/2 of that 3 years. I asked her about the points and when you should reduce them. She went back to her material and this is what she found:

below 150 lbs: 20 points
150-174 lbs: 22 points
175-200 lbs: 24 points

and then there are the additional flex points for each bracket. She said they told her that you should never ever eat less than 20 points. I wanted to suggest to you, if you've not viewed it, Roni's site at, I've found tons of motivation from her story and recipes. Keep your head up - you can do it!! Good luck!!!!

kathyj333 said...

I love your blog title, and you choose the same template I did on