Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is David's 40th birthday. Happy birthday sweetie! I read a quote today by Ruth Graham who died today at 87 that said: "I'd rather have a little of Billy than a lot of any other man." I thought that was so sweet of her to say. She held down the fort with 5 children while Billy Graham traveled preaching the gospel. What a love they had. I can say that I feel the same about David. It does seem we only get a little these days. I'm so excited for our day together tomorrow.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to such a wonderful husband and father. I love you!

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jodi said...

I read that same quote and it stuck with me too. That is true love, don't you think?

PS-I won't tell David you posted his age on the internet! :)