Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weight-ing to Weigh In

Since last Friday we have had a busy week with VBS, another birthday party, and Father's Day. VBS was full of snacks and good food! I am going to weight to weigh in until Friday. I'm back on WW tomorrow, walking, and more water. I drank a little last week but not near enough and only walked 2 days. I was constantly on the go for 4 hours evey day last week with 100 Preschoolers under my leadership! I can't seem to keep up with it as in years past or recover from it! Ha Don't think I'll meet my 4 pound goal by Friday but maybe I'll reach 2 pounds.

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Jay & Michelle said...

I'm feeling ya with the crazy week. Today is my husband's birthday along with fathers day. So, there was dinner out, cake and ice cream. I'm back to hard core WW tomorrow. I have 1.8 of the pounds I've lost to re-lose... Err, I hate it when I don't stick to the plan. Hope you have a great week.