Friday, June 22, 2007

Holding On

I realized I don't think I have ever shared what I weigh on my blog. Right now I am holding on at 140. Can't wait to reach 139! I was 129 when I got married, 129 after my first child within 8 months, 139 after my second child, and 149 at my highest weight after my third child. See a pattern here? I am 5'4" and would love to get to 135. I've lost 2 pounds since the challenge and I am actually happy about that with all the celebrating going on at my house. I actually started WW on March 9th.

Now the problem is that tomorrow I leave for my aunts in South Carolina. Great food, bread at every meal, frig stocked with all kinds of good carbonated drinks, and snacks everywhere! My memories of her house are mostly of food! I am praying for self control for sure!

Have a great week everyone. Hopefully I won't be reporting back with a weight gain but I guess the pool and a vacation is worth it.

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