Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ate Weigh Too Much!

I hope others of you feel you are always "starting over". The great thing about WW is that you can jump right back on it. I am not using that as an excuse-it really helps me to know that I can eat healthy and lose weight. And that I can eat-PERIOD! I don't have to stay on some fad diet that deprives you of everything.

As hard as I tried last week the scales showed I was up 2 pounds today. I have been walking alot but still struggle with water. The food last week was just too good and I enjoyed every minute. So, I'm back on target and trying to really buckle down the rest of July. I REALLY want to lose at least 7 more pounds by end of August. I have some jeans I am dying to purchase for fall!

So this Weight-ing game continues. Sure helps to know I'm in it with a lot of other ladies!

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