Thursday, June 28, 2007

12 Favorite Things

My friend Jodi listed her 12 favorite things about summer and since I just got back from my aunt's in South Carolina I thought I would blog my 12 favorite things about Aunt Jonnie's. They have never had any chidren and I spent many summers there as a child.
-Visiting and talking with my aunt.
-Inground pool!
-Lots of snacks and "fun" food.
-Frig full of drinks! (my kids love this)
-My favorite boutique-Little Darlins-they have great sales
-Homemade breakfast
-Homemade lunch
-Homemade supper
-Sleeping until 7:30-Wow!
-Morning walks with David (just us)
-Every magazine you can imagine (well, the clean ones-ha)
-Time to read the magazines!

Bad thing about Aunt Jonnie's-
Gaining weight-ha

Have a great summer everyone!

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Jay & Michelle said...

Glad you're back safe and sound. Best wishes for a new week back on task!!