Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am so thankful for my first born son, Jacob. August 10th was is 12th birthday and we are celebrating tonight at the Braves game (100 degrees here, yuck!).
I will have more to say about that later!

You came into this world smiling and have never stopped.
You only have one speed-running.
You love sports!
You are thoughtful.
You always notice when Mommy gets her hair cut.
You are concerned about doing what is right and always aim to please.
You are growing up to be so mature and I see you growing in the Lord so much here lately.
You love to annoy your brother but I'll overlook that!
You love your baby sister even though she annoys YOU. I know, her first word was "bubba". It really was.

I love you Jacob!

1 comment:

jodi said...

Sweet Jacob! Hope you guys have a great time at the game!!! (And I hope you get to return the WRONG shirt!) Hee Hee!