Friday, February 15, 2008

I Won An Award!

Chelle over at The World Of Chelle has nominated me for my first award. I must say I was shocked. I don't even know Chelle but by reading her blog I feel like I know her well. I picked her blog out of the comments on Beth Moore's blog one day because my nickname is Chel and I was just curious. I'm so glad I did. I admire her for her faith, perseverance through her illness,and her thought provoking posts.

Thank you, Chelle! By the way, I have NEVER had anyone describe me as a "supreme cook". My friends that have known me for a while are all laughing now!! You are so precious and I sure do hope to meet you one day.


jodi said...

Supreme cook??? What kind of lies have you been tellin'? :)

Chelle' said...

Awe... I think I will give more awards if they will all end in nice posts such as this one. WOW! and THANK YOU!

How fortunate I am to have a Cyber, (though hopefully at one point soon- tangible), friend like you!!!

YOU DESERVE THIS AWARD DEAR!!! And when we get together for the first time... I fully expect a 5 course meal!