Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday Fun Night

Last Friday David and I had a wonderful date night for Valentine's Day. We went to eat at Chili's then he took me to see Fool's Gold (with Matthew McConaughey-hee hee). It was a pretty cute movie. Chick flick, for sure.

Last night we had a family night and went to Steak N' Shake-my favorite burger joint. Jenna and I went to see Hannah Montanna and the boys went to see Junper? Don't even know what that is but Jenna was so excited to see Hannah Montanna. Yes, she LOVES that show. The "concert movie" was OK but it sure was fun watching her.
She was the only one dancing in the movie isle-so cute.

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Chelle' said...

She is just darling. I only wish ya'll lived closer to us so she could attend Kylee's princess party next weekend.