Monday, February 18, 2008

A Mamogram Can Be Fun

Yes, you are at the right blog. I just had to put this first picture on here. It's what you do to prepare for a momogram! It can't be any more perfect! I'm sorry if it offends someone but I think it is soooo funny.

Last Wednesday, my friend Chelle (not my bloggy friend Chelle)and I went to have a momogram. Some time ago we decided to make our appointments at the same time then go have lunch. Why not make the worst appointment ever into something fun? Well, the procedure was not fun. I went back first and thought I was going to pass out. The digital was not any better for me.

But, we had a great lunch at Long Horn (my favorite) and did a little shopping for the kids for Valentine's Day. I think we will make this an annual thing.


Amy said...

That's funny! I'm not looking forward to those days - although they are just around the corner for me:)

Jess said...

I think I'll have to get out the dvd of Anita with "You Raise Me Up" and her whole mammogram 'bit' when my time rolls around!! :)