Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daniel Fast Day 6 and 7

The past two days have been very busy but I just can't believe how this fast is helping me stay "in tune" to how I respond to situations and how I rely on the Lord so much more in my daily life. I have to be honest and say I do not have as much time as I would like to get away and pray/meditate/be alone/read the bible, etc... The Lord has still worked through that. On Friday I woke up and asked the Lord to please give me something. He clearly spoke to me about praying with Jacob. I pray FOR Jacob (and my other two) during the day, after he leaves for school and pray with him at bed time, but have not been praying for him before he leaves the house. He leaves at 6:45 and we got in the routine of rushing around and getting him out the door. This is what we pray:

A Prayer For My Teenager
Dear Lord,
I thank your for my wonderful son, Jacob. I pray you cover him on his way out of this house and all through the day. I pray he is kind to others and when they are unkind to him that you remind him that he is made special by you and he was made exactly the way you wanted him to be. I pray you clear his mind for school and help him do his very best for you. Please help him to always put you first in everything he does.

I add this part when I pray for him at other times:
Lord, this is such a difficult time for Jacob. I pray you put a fire in his heart that only burns for you. I pray he will become a great man of God for you and will have the desire to have an intimate relationship with you. I pray he stays pure until he gets married and that you bring the perfect match for him. I pray he will be an example to others and a leader in his school and youth group.

Friday night we had such a great time at the Preschool Valentine Party (more on that later). I skipped the lasagna and had a great salad and I was satisfied. I am much less hungry now and have enjoyed the new recipes.

Saturday-we had a great day at home but later in the day, once again, had an issue that we had to deal with. Have I mentioned that the teenage years are difficult. We seem to keep getting hit constantly with situations. I must say they are nothing major but enough to take up a lot of time. To protect the other people involved I really can't write more. I believe it happened to show Jacob that we are here for him and will go to bat for him when we feel it's necessary. I can feel us growing closer every day. I'm not surprised it happened during the fast and I discussed my week with David and how I have been focusing on my relationship with Jacob. This situation is not over but I know the Lord will take care of it in his time and restore all relationships involved.

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Joy in the Burbs... said...

What a great prayer for Jacob. I know God will honor those prayers for him.

Thanks for sharing this experience.