Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daniel Fast Day 2

"Failure is whenever I neglect what I want MOST for what I want RIGHT NOW."
Hal Runkel

What I want most is to....go deeper with the Lord.
What I want right now is to....sleep just 15 minutes more.

What I want most is to....lighten up and enjoy my kids more.
What I want right now is to...get those kids in bed so I can have some ME time!

What I want most is to....lose weight and eat healthy.
What I want right now is to....watch TV and go through the drive thru because I'm tired and I work too!

This list could go on and on couldn't it? Day 2 has been just as difficult. The lack of caffeine has made me VERY tired and my brain fuzzy. However, last night I already saw results. My prayer for the past 2 days has been for my relationship with my 13 year old, Jacob. It's very stressful and not very enjoyable right now. We had a difficult evening and had to lay down some consequences that he did not like. Lately, I have been "checking out" at times when it comes to facing issues. Instead of retreating to my room I walked downtstairs, told him how much I loved him, how proud I am of him, and that we are here to walk through this time with him. We may not be popular but we are willing to take that chance. Tonight we have had such a good night. It's amazing. Soon we get to sit down and watch American Idol-can't wait!

Tomorrow I want to take more time to get away and pray instead of just praying for the Lord to get me through this fast! I'm already running out of prepared food and it's only day 2-Ha!

"But Jesus often withdrew to a lonely place and prayed."
Luke 5:16

What would you put on your "what I want most for what I want right now list"? I would love to hear it.


Tiffany Pezent said...

Michele you are awesome to do this! You will get such a reward out of this, I am sure. Keep it up girl!

What I want most...a deeper relationship with the Lord also
What I want right now...is to have an awesome relationship without all the drama with Brooke. To just let things go more (the little things).
Thanks for sharing your story and can't wait for more tonight! (-:

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I'm with you with the 13 year old. This unchartered territory is scary.
What I want most is a simpler, slower pace of life free of material baggage. What I want now is the comfort of the status quo.

Thanks for sharing your Daniel Fast with us.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

Michele, I am thinking of you and praying for you! I truly admire you and praise God that he gave me you as my Sister! You have always been and Blessing and I love yOU!

what I want most is to show my family how much I cherish each of them by spening some one on one time chatting and sharing with them each day.

what I want right now is to eat a small portion of dinner and then to wind down and relax in front of the TV since it's almost 8pm already. I've had some time with Amber and we all have had time together, but I am running out of time today for Nic, Hannah, Grace and Robbie.

Thanks for sharing your walk with Jesus...

jodi said...

What I want most... a strong, healthy marriage.
What I want right now...to be left alone after a stress-filled day of kids and bill collectors.

Love you, Friend!

Michele said...

Wow! You guys have some great ones and I relate to them all!