Sunday, August 3, 2008

Exhausted But Excited

It's been a very busy time for me right now (and for everyone else, I'm sure). Jared started school Thursday, today was the first day of our new Sunday School year at church. We worked really hard all summer getting ready, tonight was a going away reception for Lori Fowler, the director of our weekday preschool, and Wednesday I start my first ScreamFree Parenting class. I have about 50 people signed up and boy am I nervous. I do not like getting up in front of people but the Lord has been preparing me for this for about 4 years. When God gives you a passion for something, He makes everything possible! If you have not heard about this book, check it out! You can purchase a CPR kit by clicking the link to the left, or purchase the book from me also (make sure and get the Chrisitan version. It's not sold in regualr bookstores or grocery stores).

From the ScreamFree Web Site:
Emotional reactivity is behind every bad pattern, bad decision, and bad relationship. Whenever we get reactive — whether by screaming, cutting ourselves off, overcompensating for others, or taking things personally or defensively — we operate out of our anxiety and, ironically, end up creating the very outcomes we were hoping to avoid. ScreamFree Living takes this reactivity very seriously and stresses that the number one step toward creating the types of relationships we truly crave is learning to calm down.

ScreamFree Parenting offers a revolutionary new option by inviting parents to focus on themselves, grow themselves up, and calm themselves down. The ScreamFree Parenting principles will lead parents of all ages (with kids of all ages) to create and enjoy the family relationships they've always craved ­ starting now.


jodi said...

Fifty??? Awesome! I can't wait until Wednesday night. :)

ocean mommy said...

This sounds awesome!

I LOVED your "Braves" tickets comment on my blog last week! What a cool story. :)