Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Home-Back to School Part 2

Monday Jacob started 7th grade at ANOTHER, almost new, school. In Kindergarten ,
1st, and 1/2 of 2nd grade he went to LCA, the local Christian school in our community. The rest of 2nd grade we homeschooled then Jacob and Jared started public school in 1st and 3rd grade. WE knew when middle school started that we wanted them back in Christian School so we started checking into schools when Jacob was in 5th grade. We looked at every school around us (including LCA) and felt the Lord calling us to Prince Avenue. I know that was where Jacob was meant to be last year but through a series of God-ordained circumstances, just 7 days before school started, we were led back to LCA. I really thought that door was closed for us and every day I see why God led us back here. At open house one of the founders of the school, and friends of ours from way back, walked up to us and said: "Welcome home." That is exactly what David and I had just said on our way there-it felt like we were coming home. Jacob has connected with old friends, the school is full of our friends from church, it closer, etc... My sister-in-law picks him up every morning! If you remember my schedule from last year this is just blowing my mind that my life is so much more calm with not running the roads as much. I was listening to this song, How Great is Our God, a couple of days ago and just got overwhelmed at how good God is to us. I'm so glad he helps us look past our own thought of what he wants for us and leads us to His perfect will. We are continuing to trust Him with two other big prayer requests for our family. When the Lord led me to this verse for my Screamfree parenting class I never knew it would apply to my family:

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a NEW thing."
Isaiah 43: 18, 19


Anonymous said...

Ronnie mentioned in his sermon Sunday that each year you should pray about where God wants each one of your children to be in school. Your children are all different and what one child needs, the other might not. Funny thing, I thought of you!

So glad you feel back at home! And glad he's enjoying it!

Mama Kraus said...

Michelle, Is that a Myers boy in the picture with your son? I am a longtime family friend of them. Love the entire family! In fact Angie was kind of what I have "modeled" my family life on. I love reading your blog! I am also in Loganville and would love to have more contact....up to you? I would like to know more about LCA. We are considering for next year. Thanks! Mandi