Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dream Come True

A couple of years ago my friend Jodi and I would take our girls to ballet and watch the ScreamFree Parenting DVD's in her SUV. I can remember being so exicted that someone else felt the same way as I did about parenting. We would share about how we love our children so very much but we were not enjoying them and wanted to change that. We would talk a lot and I could not wait to get the word out to more people about this book. It had changed our life so much I wanted to share the life change! Last night that dream came true for me when I was able to share the ScreamFree Revolution in a class setting.We had about 25 people (I could be way off) last night in our first class. We had single parents, educators, frustrated parents, parents of one child and parents with many children. I was so nervous that I can hardly remember the class but it seemed everything went well! (thanks for the compliment Jodi!) Most people feel the same way: we want to be able to keep our cool with our kids. Some people had heard of the book before but most people had not. It will be exciting to see how things go the next 9 weeks. Everyone enjoyed Hal's Waffle House story!

I'm also excited about the ScreamFree At First Baptist blog I started for our class. Check it out!

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a NEW thing."
Isaiah 43: 18, 19


Denise said...

May God sweetly bless you.

Tiffany Pezent said...

Yes, I am a complete blog junkie! It helps me get through work sometimes! I hope you know that those comments were very sincere and I do know you will do a GREAT job at this class because you have GOD on your side and you are so passionate about it. That makes the biggest difference in the world when you have passion. Great to know I have some more blog buddies out there. I checked out Jodi's too. You are both so good with words and so creative.

Nancie said...

May God continue to bless you with much joy in parenting. Thanks for sharing your thankful with us. May God continue to shower His love and blessings upon your family!

Jenny Runkel said...

Michele -
I am so glad to hear that your ScreamFree class went well! I had no doubt that it would. Keep on keepin' on.