Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to School-Part 1

Today was Jared's first day of 5th grade. His last year in elementary school. I have to say I'm pretty emotional right now. My kids are really growing up. Jared insisted on riding the bus this morning so last night I said:

"Jared, please do this one thing for me."


"Let Mommy take you to school in the morning."

"Well, OK. As long as you don't kiss me in front of anybody."

When we got to school he would not let me take his picture. I had to take it right outside the van in front of the school. I had to threaten to follow him around school with the camera if he did not smile!! We went in to school, he got breakfast and did not eat one bite! What? My child is going to starve on his first day of school. I don't care how old Jared gets, he's my little boy and has always been a mama's boy (sorry, Jared). He will always snuggle with me, tell me he loves me, and will walk by me several times a day just to touch me or rub my back. I'm really going to miss that today.

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