Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girls Day

We had a great day Thursday at the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle. The Blue Willow is THE best place for traditional southern food. My mother-in-law treated me, Jenna, my sister-in-law Debbie and my niece Mandy. We also went to our favorite doll store and "shopped around". I love those dolls as much as Jenna. Thanks so much to NaNa! Thanks Jess for taking our picture!

I just can't believe our summer is coming to an end. Jared starts July 31st and our days are packed with mostly appointments and stuff. I do believe this has been the quickest summer ever-until next year!


Jess said...

Good picture of all you girls!
Glad I got to see you when you came. And glad you all enjoyed it.

ocean mommy said...

Hi Michele!

THanks for the comment on my blog.

I keep hearing about the Blue Willow Inn!! I'm going to have to get down there! I'm hungry just thinking about it. :)

Have a blessed day!

BooSheep said...

Yum! Yum! I love the Blue Willow Inn, what a fun girls day! :)

Joy in the Burbs... said...

What a great picture of my favorite Georgia people. It was so good seeing all of you in June.
I love Mrs. Yarbrough (your M-I-L) She has a heart of gold and is such a giving person. What a nice treat for you all. My love to you all. Give Miss Jenna a squeeze for me.