Friday, September 14, 2007

My Progress

I had an idea this morning to track my progress today on my blog. This has been fun becasue it keeps me on track! I know it will be boring for those reading it but it sure has been fun for me!

8:30-cleaned my boys bathroom-you do not want details on that
washed Jenna's sheets
9:00-watched Regis and Kelly while cleaning my kitchen (a couple of years ago I got a TV in the kitchen for my birthday-love it!)
10:00-mop kitchen and boys bathroom/put Jenna's sheets on bed
11:00-clean my bathroom-not looking forward to that, put up some clothes
12:00-jump in shower to go to a pep rally at Jacob's school
Tonight-our first home game at Prince!

Tomorrow-clean my shower, laundry, and jean shopping with the boys (Wow!)

1 comment:

Jay & Michelle said...

GoodNESS!!! I hope you got all of this done by noon! You WERE on a mission today. Hope the game goes well!!