Friday, September 21, 2007

Fit 4 Life Friday

Some time ago I joined the May Challenge at Tales From the Scales. It's the reason I started this blog. It helped keep me on track and then as soon as July got here everything I was doing went out the window. I saw Fit 4 Life Friday on Michelle's blog at Henderson Highlights (I still can't do links) and since the May Day challenge is over I really wanted to do this. I like the idea of weighing in on Friday. So, here it goes. It's cool outside and I'm ready to get back to walking! Especially since I got on the scales yesterday and I had gained 5 pounds-yuck. I worked so hard for those 5 pounds!! I was so excited in July when I was only 1 pound away from losing 10 pounds. Even with all the fun summer stuff going on I was losing weight or, at least, maintaining, What a difference 2 months, no walking, no water, Disney World trip (doesn't all that walking count for something?) can make! So here it goes. Even though I have been sick this week and right now I still feel "crappy" and keep coughing-I'm ready to go! Here are my goals: 1. Start with 32 oz. of water a day. 2. Write down what I eat. 3. Walk 3 - 4 days a week for 45 minutes. Start weight on March 9th: 149 Lowest weight since March 9th: 140 Current weight: 145 Goal weight: 135 One thing I have learned is that consistency is the key. Going off for a weekend is Ok but not for months! Ha. Hopefully, by next Friday I will have lost 1 pound!

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Jay & Michelle said...

Welcome, I'm so glad you've joined us. When Deedra puts up the linky on her site sign in so others can drop by and give encouragement. (You'll have to go to my site and link Deedra there, I don't know her site address by heart). Good Luck with your goals this week!!