Saturday, April 5, 2008

Top 10 Struggles

Digging For Pearls is taking a survey on the top 10 struggles Christian women face. She is going to write a book about it. If you have a few minutes head over to her blog and give her your 10.

Here are mine:

1. Consistent quiet time and IN DEPTH bible study.

2. Keeping my cool with the kids.

3. Balancing work, husband, mom, home, etc...

4. Family devotions and prayer time with my husband. He is a fireman and does not have a consistent schedule.

5. Sharing my faith-2 different things going on here:
a. I'm not really around anyone but Christians. Would like to be able to
share my faith with people totally lost.
b. I am finding out that just because someone is "churched" does not mean
they don't need encouragement and a shoulder to lean on. They may even
need discipled. I'm praying the lord will lead me to those people.

6. Time with my husband. Not just at 10:00 at night when everyone is tired.

7. Feeling lonely. With so much to do I still feel lonely because I am by
myself so much.

8. Consistent exercise and getting at my goal weight. Keeping up with all the
"women stuff" that my body is going through at my age!

9. Organizing my home and pictures. I'm a pretty organized person I just don't
have time to do it!

10. Relationships-finding couples that we can hang out with where everyone clicks
(husbands, wives, children).


Chelle' said...

Hey MIchele- I'd write my own list of ten but I'm fairly certain they'd resemble your ten... exactly.

Thanks for sharing that...

Jess said...

Although I can't relate to all of your challenges, I am definitely with you on #5 and #7.
I'll have to come up with the 'special' challenges of a Christian single woman...

jodi said...

Great list! Isn't it funny how we all struggle with so many of the same things? Btw...did you know Nikki was starting a Beth Moore video series next Wed for 4 weeks? It's not in depth, but it is Beth Moore. Thought you might like to drop in once the kids are settled.