Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Melody!

Wednesday is my friend Melody's birthday. Melody is a dear "new" friend of mine who I have known for a long time. I am so thankful we have had time to get to know each other (and her precious family) more lately. There are many things I have learned about Melody but here are a few:

1. She LOVES the beach!

2. I call her miss Know-it-all because she knows everything-ha.

3. She loves the Lord.

4. She loves her family.

5. She loves her Blessings Unlimited business.

6. Do not call her Melanie! Ha

7. She loves Starbucks. I'm sending her the bill for my favorite sugar-free
breve mocha.

8. I can't call her if I am in a hurry. It takes us at least 45 minutes to get off the phone.

Happy Birthday Friend!


Anonymous said...

You are the best! This is awesome! You know me too well. I mean, Jimmy Buffett and everything. Anyway, I have a surprise for you... it's a work in progress, but I wanted you to see it first:


Thank you for my blogging birthday card- I LOVE IT! You are a terrific friend!

Love, Melody

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Melody! Hope you had a great one!