Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cinco The Tree

Since Jenna was born on May 5th the doctor commented she was a Cinco De Mayo baby. I had no idea what that was. Yesterday Jenna called me to say she had planted a tree (crepe myrtle) with her Daddy and named it Cinco. How cute! Our Cinco baby turns 5 this year on 5/5. What a cute idea! It will be fun each year to take her picture by Cinco.


Anonymous said...

I love Cinco the Tree! They look so proud in that picture. What a week it's going to be as you celebrate 5 years with her. She is such a joy and a wonderful student!

Jess said...

That is so sweet!!
And how cool is it to turn the big FIVE on 5/05!!
What a good daddy. :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet picture. Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Chelle' said...

Great Great Great Idea. I love it.

Happy 5th Birthday Precious.