Monday, April 28, 2008

ScreamFree Facilitator Training

Friday we wrapped up our 2 days of training. It was totally not what I expected but in a good way. The 2 days focused on the participants as a leader of ScreamFree parenting. We didn't really go over the book or DVD's or even HOW to lead a group. It was about us and the skills we needed to be a coach/faciliator. It's so hard to explain something like this when I was the one experiencing it. All I can say is that I will be forever changed. I am so pumped to get the word out and my eyes are opened to wherever the Lord leads me with this. One thing is I will do for sure is partner with ScreamFree Living to get the word out that there is also a Christian version of the book. I will be starting my own blog/website where the books can be purchased. This is all in the works and may take a while but I am so excited about it. For now, head on over to ScreamFree Living and check it out. If you would like a Chritian version of the book just leave me a comment and I will help you out!


jodi said...

Look at you and Hal! I am star struck!!! LOL! I am still completely jealous that you got to go, but I can't wait to help you in whatever you need done to make things happen around here! :)

Anonymous said...

Order the Christian version for me... can't wait to pick your brain some more!