Thursday, April 24, 2008

O M G!!!!

That is all I can say about my day today. Only 8 people were there today for this training with Hal Runkel, founder of ScreamFree Living. I also did not know that his wife joined the team in June. We had some great talks today. So, we had 8 hours to listen to Hal, very casual, all of us sitting in chairs (even Hal), very personal. I LOVED every minute! There is a man (Jonathan) there from GHANA! I couldn't believe he came this far for this training. Margaret is from California. The Lord is doing amazing things all over the world with this book. It would take me forever to put into words all that I learned but here are a few things:

1. We are not responsible FOR our children, we ae responsible TO them.

2. It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS easier to complain than to change.

3. The unmotivated are netoriously impervious to insight (from "Freedman's Fables")

4. Give up the need to make other people feel comfortable and focus on being comfortable with yourself.

5. Children need a shoulder to shoulder guide. Go along beside them not toe to toe.

6. We can't set up a system that's asking parents or kids to give up their integrity.

There is so much more but hard to explain. You can get the book and everthing is explained in there! Check out the link below. I am so excited to go back tomorrow.


jodi said...

So I guess my big question is: did you learn anything new from the seminar? Does he tell you HOW to be screamfree? In the DVD's, he gives the principals, but leaves the "doing part" for us to figure out.

Chelle' said...

Can't wait to hear more about it Michele. Spill all when you get a second.

Who among us doesn't want additional resources to help us become better parents??


Thanks again Michele.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, can't wait to learn all that you learn:)