Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Well, Wednesday night we finally had snow in Georgia. My kids had an absolute fit. (I'm not sure why but my pictures are not very good.) We were on our way to church when it started. We arrived at church to find out everything had been cancelled. The kids still had fun playing outside there and making a snowman. Just a little snow here goes a long way, you know. We had just enough to cover the grass but that's all we needed to make everyone happy. Unfortunately, not enough to cancel school!

The weather report is calling for more snow Saturday-I sure hope so!


anne said...

We thought we had gotten away from the cold moving down to Kentucky! It was only 20 today...but I hear it is below 0 up notrth! EW!

Michele said...

Anne, I hate to tell you this but growing up in Kentucky we got a lot of snow and COLD. However, they don't get as much now. You're right, it is much colder up north. We don't know what cold is here in Georgia!