Friday, January 11, 2008

Student of the Month

January 2nd was Jared's first day at the new school (bottom picture). It is SO nice, new, and clean! What a blessing to have such a nice school right down the road from us. (By the way, the blue helmet in his hand is his transformers mask that he got for Christmas. He took it for show-n-tell)

Today we had a breakfast at Jared's school for student of the month. His teacher wrote: "Jared was chosen for student of the month for his continuous smile. He is such a joy to teach." That was so nice to say. It was sweet watching him today saying hello to his friends, talking and joking with them. When you read this later, Jared just remember how proud we are of you and your sweet spirit. You might be quiet at home, but it looks like you are very well adjusted with your friends at church and school.


jodi said...

Way to go Jared!

Amy said...

Wow - student of the month! That's great, Jared! You have every reason to be proud Michele!