Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We Have Everything We Need

Today I was fixing Jenna's lunch and she all of a sudden said, "We have everything we need at this house. We have a T.V., fruit, kitchen stuff, and popcorn." I paused for a minute and thought, "Yes, Lord. We have everything we need-even popcorn. Thank you so very much." Then I said, "We sure do, Jenna. Isn't God good to us?"

Thank you, Lord for reminders through our children.


jodi said...

That's cute! You might want to remind her of that next year when she is making out her Christmas list! :)

Amy said...

Sweet post. Hey, and next time she starts with the "I wants", you can remind her of her own words:)

Michele said...

You're right, guys. I'm sure she'll forget about that statement very quickly.