Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Operation Christmas Child

One of our favorite traditions at Christmas is Operation Christmas Child. You fill a shoe box with goodies and the box is sent to children who otherwise would not have a Christmas. Our church is not doing it this year so I was glad when I saw that Jacob's school is participating. We start collecting in August at back to school time with crayons, paper, glue sticks, etc.. Then we head to the dollar store to get the rest. I wrap the boxes, we fill it with goodies then we pray over it. Somehow, I hope this helps the kids know that there are so many children less fortunate than them.


jodi said...

That is funny that we were doing the same thing! Your boxes look awesome!

Rena said...

I am so proud of you my Georgia family.
Your Mom/Grandma From Kentucky

Chelle' said...

We also love Operation Christmas Child. Our children participate. On the sneak however.

I take them to Toys R Us and ask each of them to pick out something they really want. We buy it and bring it home. The kids are itching to open it when I break the news to them.

"You guys REALLY like these toys don't you? Well, there are little boys and girls that don't have ANY toys at all. How much more do you think they would like the toys you've picked out?"

The kids ALWAYS, happily, wrap the toys in boxes, draw up cards, and pray for the child that will receive the box. What a blessing for me to watch as a parent.

So glad your children love the process as well.

Be blessed as you bless others friend.