Friday, November 30, 2007

Happiest Time of the Year?

This week did not start out too good. We were trying to decorate, go to appointments, and get ready for a party tonight (oh, and work too). By Wednesday I was so tired I could not hold my head up. As I read my post over and over from yesterday, I decided I was going to change some things in my house. I woke up Thursday, went to work and decided I was not going to worry about anything. Just have fun! We have had a great two days and it's amazing how things have come together. I can't even find my cable to puts some pictures of my house on my blog but it's OK. I will find it one day.

Christmas IS the happiest time of the year for me. I love it! I love my tree. It's not a fancy theme tree. Just ornaments from over the years and I love to remember when I got each one. We also added a tree downstairs this year with all of David's fireman and sports ornaments. I also love to put pictures up. I have one of each child on their first Christmas. Boy, that makes me cry!

I promise to do all I can to enjoy the season and not let the stress of everything looking perfect, having the perfect food, gifts, etc.. take away from the birth of our Savior! Happy Birthday Jesus!

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