Monday, December 10, 2007

Presents for Sabrina

Each year we try to adopt a child to buy presents for. This year The Loganville Community Ministry Village at our church sponsored 76 foster children for Christmas! We picked out a 4 year old girl named Sabrina. Jenna and I shopped for her, wrapped presents, then went to the Christmas party tonight at the church. We were sad that Sabrina was not there but it was such a joy to see all those children.
They had a visit and a gift from Santa. On Christmas morning, Sabrina will unwrap all the gifts we bought her. Jenna and I had a great discussion about what a foster child is and how fortunate they are to have a loving family to live with.

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Chelle' said...

Last Christmas I did the same thing through the Gap. We adopted a daycare and the little girl I bought for didn't show either. Broke my heart.

BUT... I realized almost instantly that just as I had a wonderful gift for a child and they didn't show... often my Father has wonderful gifts for me and I am too busy doing my own thing to show up.

I've thought of that several times over the past year. There are many obstacles between me and God... but EVERY ONE OF THEM is on my side. If I was beaming with joy to give my adopted child a gift last Christmas... how much more is the Lord beaming to give gifts to HIS CHILD?

Thanks for the post.

Oh- and YEAH on your Christmas gift purchase!!!