Saturday, December 1, 2007

Churchill Downs

Last week while in Kentucky we had the opportunity to go to Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is held. Even though I grew up in Kentucky I have never been. It was really fun and we all enjoyed watching the races and hearing about a little bit of Kentucky history. Of course, we didn't win any money but the whole experience was fun! Thanks Mom for working that out!

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anne said...

Found you through other blogs, but I had to comment, because I live in Lexington (just west of Louisville) and we went to the derby last year, and we did place a bet( $20) and we won! IT was a once in a lifetime experience. My husband has a rich uncle who bought us all tickets and they flew down from Milwaukee, WI for the event. I have pics on my blog...
Definately a fun place to go! Nice to meet you!