Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Thursday we took the big trip of the year-to see Santa. We hit is just right and did not have to wait very long at all. As you can tell, Jenna did not want her picture taken becasue she was so excited to see Santa. On a sad note, the boys did not sit on his lap this year. I have to admit I can't believe we got them to do it last year! The cutest thing was Jenna carrying her catalog to sit in Santa's lap. It was just adorable. Now, I would like to vent a minute. I would have a picture of this but they will not let you take pictures with your camera unless you purchase a "minimum package". Usually I ignore this and do it anyway but Jenna needed my help with the catalog. So, I broke down and purchased a 5X7 for $10.00 because the picture was a classic. She was so cute sitting his lap with that catalog! Does anyone else think this is a racket? Since we have been visiting Santa for 12 years, I KNOW it has not always been this way. Last year we went to Nordstrom's where not only did you walk right up, they gave you a FREE picture. They only do that on the weekends. We did have a great time but I am going to call the mall and at least vent to the manager or something-in a nice way, of course!

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Chelle' said...

It's all financial. And it's sad. I will tell you that in Disney Santa is free... and you can visit him in tank tops and flip flops. (That was a new idea to us.) :)