Saturday, June 7, 2008

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I don't know about you guys but David and I loved listening to Journey, well, 20 years ago. Yuck! Recently they named a new lead singer, Arnel Pineda, who sounds just like Steve Perry! We listened to some new songs last night along with the oldies and I could not tell a difference. I still can't figure out how to get YouTube embeded on my blog so check this out when you have time-you won't believe it. The song on my playlist is "After All These Years". I LOVE this song. It certainly is the case for me and David.


Jess said...

I didn't know that those guys already had another movie due to come out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Facing the Giants"! I just have so much respect for those guys and are so thrilled that they have had so much success. And although I can't entirely appreciate (or apply) the new movie, it looks awesome, too and I can't wait to check it out!
Thanks for sharing!!

Oh. And I saw Journey in Atlanta a few summers ago and had no idea how many of their songs I knew! :) The guy I saw wasn't Steve Perry either, and not sure if it's this guy, but I couldn't tell a difference either! (And didn't know they had new stuff either...)

You're just a wealth of information these days, aren't you?



Jess said...

Oh, yeah...

It took me quite a while to figure out the whole YouTube linkage deal, too.
See if I can help you a little...

Once you have the video you want to share on YouTube, if you look over to the right of the image, you'll see who posted it and all that jazz... at the bottom of that box is the Embed information (it says Embed: and then has the url address or whatever in that white box) - anyway, I just copy all that in that white box and paste it over on my blog - BUT, you have to have your blog draft in Edit HTML as opposed to Compose. Then after you paste your video, just switch back over to compose to do your writing!

(Don't worry... it's probably not half as complicated as I just made it sound!!) :)


BooSheep said...

Thank you for the information on the movie...I posted it on my site also. It made me cry, but it looks good!