Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Jared!

Thursday, June 12th Jared turned 10. Since we were at my aunt's (and I was without a computer) I didn't have time to post until today. We actually had his party on May 18th so we could catch his friends before everyone started going out of town. We had a great time at the bowling alley with several of his close buddies.

From the moment you were born you were my snuggle bunny! I know this will be embarrassing to you later, but it is one of my favorite things about you. You always hug me and tell me you love me. You always encourage me with kind compliments! You are kind and sweet and are always thinking of other people! I'm watching you grow into a wonderful young man. I love you so very much.



jodi said...

Happy Birthday Jared! (He's 10? Really? Already???) :)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

Wow Jared! I can tell you had a great time! Happy Birthday Sweetie!