Sunday, March 30, 2008

He's Finally Found It

For several years now we have let Jared decide if he wanted to do any kind of sports. He stayed away from baseball for a while, then tried it again. About a month ago he came home form school and said someone had come to do a karate exhibition. He loved it. He could tell me the ABC's of karate and wanted to go to a trial class the following Saturday. So far, so good. I really like the values it teaches and I believe it helps children overall. You get to show your report card for a special star if you get all A's and B's, perfect attendance, etc.. It's funny how Mr. Brown can say the same things I do and, somehow, he listens! "What will Mr. Brown say if you don't pick up your room" is working really good around here. Saturday they talked about self discipline. I think I really like karate. Ha


Chelle' said...

We've never done Karate but our oldest, then 6 took something comparable, not Tae Quan DO, maybe Ju Jit Zoo (clearly phoenetically spelled) Jujitsu

Anyway, we ended up pulling Brenden, not because he didn't like it or because it didn't teach discipline or physical wellness... but because we refused to allow him to memorize some pledge of alliegence to their flag, or style of teaching or whatever.

We wanted him to continue there without the "saying" they said we weren't allowed. Huh. Interesting huh?

Talk to you later friend.

Jess said...

Kung-Fu Fighting... I LOVE IT!! :)
Keep up the good work, 'Jared-son'.


jodi said...

That's so great! But I couldn't help but keep thinking of the book "Mr Brown can Moo, Can YOU?" LOL!