Friday, July 6, 2007

STILL Holding On

I was quite surprised when I got on the scales to see that I am back down to 140 (my lowest weight in 9 years). I am really enjoying my evening walks. Maybe I am burning more fat when I sleep! Still looking forward to at least 5 more pounds then we will see! I have lost a total of 9 - 10 pounds since March 9. I have ALMOST dropped a size and I am very excited about that. Here's what I am working on (still):

1. water
2. exercise
3. eating healthy

I have also been having fun cooking. Never thought I would say that! At the end of June I made a menu plan through July 17. So far I have tried 2 new things and I have a few more to go. I hope to start repeating the receipes and adding at least one new one a month. We'll see!


Jay & Michelle said...

Congrats on a good week. Wow, how in the heck did you plan a menu for 2 months, my goodness, I have a hard time one week at the time.

It's exciting to see the number go down on the scale, but when the sizes start to fall that's when it's all worth it!!! Have a great (and healthy) weekend!

And to answer you question about the nickname. Yep, I'm Chelle too. (I usually spell it with both "l"s and both "e"s!?!)

Cheryl said...

Been keeping up with you this summer through your blog. I like knowing what's going on in your life.

You are doing so great. I like it that you do not have the all-or-none attitude I so struggle with.

Keep up the good work. Love you.