Friday, May 16, 2008

The Last Two Weeks

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium on Thursday. We LOVED it. Jenna loved the butterfly room. She found a "buddy" that would sit on her finger.

Mel's graduation party.

Kentucky Derby breakfast.

The official covered bride of Kentucky in Switzer.

This was taken at a beautiful rest stop outside of Chattanooga-Tennessee River behind us.

The last two weeks have been so busy around here. It will continue to be that way until next week when school is out (what? school out?). I'm having a hard time finding time to blog so here is a summary of the last two weeks:

Thursday, May 1 we left for Chattanooga to meet Mom. A BIG thank you to my hubbie for taking us and for taking care of things at home for 5 days!
Friday, May 2 left Chattanooga for Kentucky.
Saturday, May 3rd we went to the Kentucky Derby breakfast.
Saturday afternoon we spent the day with my brother and his family at the farm in Stamping Ground to celebrate Melanie's graduation from the University of Kentucky.
Sunday morning we went to the graduation, to my sister's house, then spent the night in Nashville.
Monday morning we left for Georgia.
Tuesday I went back to work and tried to get back into the swing of things.
Thursday night, May 8th-ladies tea.
Friday night, May 9th-Jenna's party
Saturday morning, May 10th-Alexis' (Jenna's friend) birthday party
Saturday afternoon-Jacob ball game and pedicure with Mom and Jenna.
Saturday night-Longhorn's to clebrate Mother's Day.
Sunday, May 11-Mother's Day
Monday, May 12-spent day with Mom
Tuesday, May 13-Mom left for Kentucky


Nic said...

We had a great visit! Love you, Nicole ;)

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

I have been listening and LOVE your music!! Btw, I took the CD you sent me, back to work with me! What a blessing :)! I'm still thankful!