Saturday, October 6, 2007

Football Fever

Ok, I consider myself a "TomMom". (Like my new word.) I was a tomboy growing up playing sports and everything. I even enjoy getting outside and playing ball with the kids. But, I must say. that it has been football fever around here. I enjoy a Georgia game very much, and would even like to go to a game one day, but everywhere I turn is football! So when David offered to give me some "me" time this morning-I took it! I went to several of my favorite places then brought chicken wings home at about half time of the Georgia game. That was not a good game. We still love ya DAWGS! If that was not enough, the boys got out after the game and played some neighborhood football. We always said we wanted our house to be the place that the kids gathered. Even though it was a DAWG Day Afternoon for our team, we had a great time at the Yarbrough house. Will my house ever stop smelling like sweat? I'm sure when it does I will miss it.

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