Monday, June 1, 2009

Grove Park Inn

A couple of weeks ago a friend called and said she had a night at the Grove park Inn and could not go and was I intersted. Of course but I was sure David would have to work (he always does when something really special comes up-like Christmas Day-ha). I couldn't believe it when I looked on the calendar and he was off the exact days.
This place was amazing! The Grove Park Inn was bulit in 1913 in Ashville, NC. We got there late on Sunday and went straight to the pool where we enjoyd a couple of hours of R&R then a beautiful dinner on the terrace. The view was amazing and it was a gorgeous night! We woke up early Monday and headed to the Spa to see if was even possible for us to go in. The Lord blessed us again with a great deal and we entered the most amzing place I have ever been to. The spa cost 40 million dollars to build! It's rated in the top 5 of spas. I can't even describe it to you in words. There were 2 hot tubs, inside pool, outside pool, sauna, steam bath. When we arrived they gave you your own shoes and robe. We had the best day and pretty soon it was time to pack up and go home. Thank you NaNa and PaPa, Chelle, and Tomari for helping with the kids. I will never forget this trip.

"This ole world we're livin in is mighty hard to beat. We get a thorn with every rose but ain't the roses sweet." Engraved in stone beside a HUGE fireplace in the lobby.



Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice get away! The Grove Park is one of our favorite places. The spa is incredible!

jodi said...

Beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy such an amazing get away! (and now I know where you got the quote!)

Joy said...

What a beautiful place. So glad you and David were able to sneak away.
I've never heard of it. Is it in Georgia?


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made said...

Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves!! THat's wonderful!!