Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ky Girls Weekend

Beautiful horse farm on I75 in Lexington.

Me, Mom, and Nicole at the fashion show.

Elk Creek Winery in Owenton, Ky

When my birthday rolled around this year I told David the only thing I wanted was to go to Kentucky for the weekend by myself. I didn't get my hopes up but just waited to see if it all worked out and boy did it ever! I left last Thirsday for 4 nights at my Mom's. Here is the play-by-play:

Thursday-dinner and shopping with my high school friend Cammie.

Friday-Lunch with my sister, pedicure with my niece and Mom, then Nicole spent the night. We watched Australia and my sister-in-law Karen stopped by.

Saturday-Mom had gotten us tickets to a fashion show that her good fried put on through the Kentucky Women's Club. Nicole had to get back for a wedding then Mom and I rode out to Owenton, KY to see the new Elk Creek Vineyards. Don't know how they found that land. It was beautiful! Saturday night Mom and I watched Secret of the Bees.

Sunday-went to church with Mom, went to visit dad, then back to Mom's for some more girl time with Nicole and my nieces. We watched Secret Life of Bee's -again!

Unfortunately it was time to leave on Monday. It was a fantastic time and I will always treasure it! My family gave me a huge welcome home with dinner at Long Horn. Thanks David for such a great weekend! You're the best husband ever!


Joy said...

Michele, I'm so happy for you and the time you got to spend in KY and with you mom and friends.
It is so beautiful up there. I've really never spent any time in Ky except to drive thru it.

Thanks for posting the great pictures.


Cheryl said...

I know you had a wonderful time. I am so glad you decided to go. You will cherish the trip.

jodi said...

Sounds wonderful!