Saturday, September 27, 2008

Read This Review on Fireproof

Fireproof marries God and Filmmaking

from USA Today


Chelle' said...

Hi Michelle. So good to be back online and capable of visiting friends. My lap top was cleared of all information (including bookmarked websites) so I have been mulling around till people visit me so I can link over and re-add them to my favorites page.

A good friend of mine is married to an associate pastor and they are going to see the movie tonight. Paul and I have not made arrangements as of yet to go but I am sur ewe will be there soon. Can't wait to hear from Jan how great the movie is.

In the meantime... I will read reviews like these to tide me over. :)

Hope you are well. COngrats on finishing the 5K. You're awesome.

jodi said...

Awesome review! Very cool!