Monday, May 7, 2007

Have You Lost Weight?

These are the magic words that any woman loves to hear! Someone asked me that yesterday and even though I only have one person reading this right now (thanks, Jodi) I want to write about it to keep me excited and accountable. It have been a crazy week and this morning the scales had crept up a little. Today I leave for a conference so here is my game plan:
Thursday, May 10 I will start:
1. drinking water (if I drink too much at the confernce I will spend the whole time in the bathroom)
2. exercise
3. writing down what I eat
4. start my new blog and get the word out about my blogs to family and friends

So, guess I will be weight-ing to get going on the May challenge a little late but that is what has been so good about weight watchers for me. It works and I can jump right back into it after too much celebration!

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jodiyork said...

Those are good goals. I don't even have mine ready yet. They are in my head, but not very tangible at this point! And I need "tangible goals" if I expect anything to happen!!! :)